Redding K-9: Communities For Police Canines

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Redding K-9: Communities for Police Canines is a non-profit tax-exempt public charity recognized under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. All donations are tax-deductible.

Our mission is to promote police canines in our community and support them fiscally.

This is accomplished by educating the community of the need for citizen involvement and financial supplement for equipment, training, and other resources as identified by the K-9 Unit.

Because we respect and care for our community police canines, we are dedicated to supporting them throughout their career and retirement- throughout their entire lives.


Here are some of the ways your donations directly do that:

  • Purchase of specialized protective equipment for the dogs.

  • Support specialized K-9 police training schools.

  • Help with medical bills and care for retired K-9s.

  • Assist covering burial costs for dogs that pass away.


How does a police agency purchase a police dog?

Many police agencies do not have a budget for police dogs, so they are purchased by public and/or corporate donations. Police may also need donations to pay for the dog’s training, as well as veterinary bills, daily food, and training equipment.

Why are K-9s not part of a department’s regular budget items?

K-9s are considered a specialty unit, which means technically a police department could be run without them-- unlike police cars, police officers, and their training. 80+ percent of a police department’s budget goes toward salary, and the remaining 20 percent is needed for equipment and training for officers. Most police agencies do not have the funds to include K-9s in the budget.* 

Because citizens like you and I recognize the benefit of K-9 units, we fundraise to make sure these amazing animal officers are on our police force.